Why is customer service often bad in restaurants these days?

Whilst it’s quite a stern generalization, how many times have you waited for service, or even signaled for it and ended up flagging that drink you were thirsty for?

We live in a world where wages are increasing for good wait staff, people are harder to please with expectations and these realities simply get more real as you attract more customers through costly marketing activities. Regardless if you’re busy, sometimes busy or not busy, your degree of service is measurable and will be remembered – either positively or negatively.

So, why not focus on delivering the best product from the kitchen and the bar and implement call buttons on tables and/or station calling from the serving pass – both of which would alert staff that the table has needs or chef doesn’t need to yell-out for food to be collected.

Let the people at table 9 easily express their need to buy anther wine or pay compliments to the chef!

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