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Put the power in your customers hands

Having a wireless SYSCALL call button at each table puts the power in the hands of the most important person to your business – your customer. They can now focus on relaxing and your staff also benefit because staff are not psychic! SYSCALL removes the guesswork for staff so they don’t have to constantly and needlessly run around checking to see if customers are ok. Staff can focus on their jobs as much as customers can focus on their enjoyment.

In an industry where customer service can make or break a restaurant, it pays to invest in wireless SYSCALL call button system to be your customer service safety net ensuring no customer ever gets neglected and missed sales opportunities are minimised!


Solution 1

Customer Call Button

  1. The customer presses the call button when service is needed
  2. The call button number will be displayed on the display receiver and/or can also be displayed on the staff pager
  3. The pager & display receiver have various options for notification such as vibrate, ringtones, volume settings etc

Solution 2

Kitchen Paging System

  1. When food or drinks are ready, the prep staff can use the same wireless system as in Solution 1 to inform serving staff
  2. Serving staff know items are ready and can collect ASAP without any fuss, stress, guesswork or delay to the customer

Solution 3

Customer Paging System

  1. Give to customer whenever they are waiting in a queue for takeaway or waiting on a table
  2. Notify the customer that it is their turn by calling the customer pager
  3. Your happy customer collects their order no hassle, no stress, and no shouting required!

Solution 4

Phone Charging System

  1. Give to customer when they need to charge their phone
  2. Give your venue an edge over local competitors
  3. Keep customers in your venue and spending for longer
  4. Customer either gives over deposit or returns charger when settling the bill

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